Regression- A Journey to Ourselves

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Have you ever felt like something is blocking you in your life? Blocking you from Prosperity – in the truest sense of what we deserve ~ self-love, health, intellectual progression, relationships, life work, spirituality, the best relationship with the world around us. Sometimes we can feel the blocks in our lives and no matter how hard we try, we can’t breakthrough the block. We wonder, what have I “done wrong?” I have tried so hard… so what can help?

What if perhaps this “block” is not from this lifetime? Is that why we can’t seem to breakthrough? One modality that I have found as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist – Regression can and has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Regression takes you back to another time and place (perhaps a parallel universe, different dimension), another realm where you led another life.

Hypnotherapy, as an Applied Altered State of Consciousness allows your subconscious mind to come forward which is the “storehouse” of everything we have known, everything we know and everything we will know. It is the place in our mind working 24 hours a day, behind the scenes, where we formulate patterns, knowledge, and beliefs. It is what operates us every day, whether we acknowledge it or not. It helps us by automatically reminding us how to do things, to drive for example. But it also formulates and stores patterns that may not serve us any longer, such as childhood beliefs about ourselves, and past life residue- physical, emotional, or mental pieces of our journey that have “stuck with us.”

With Regression, we can travel through other times in our soul’s journey and observe what beliefs or patterns we have stored in our being and brought through to this lifetime. As all Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis, just perhaps being guided by another, we can then heal ourselves, let go of any emotional, physical, or mental patterns that we recognize as not serving us any longer, forgive, and receive understanding and wisdom from our higher selves. I believe that when one witnesses this self-healing by feeling it, seeing it or otherwise sensing it, the results are much more real, much stronger.

So, in other words, regression can help release the unwanted subconscious beliefs and replace them with new thought patterns and beliefs of our own choosing. It’s not magic or hard, it is the easy subtle way of changing your habits, the only thing required is a willingness to change. A willingness to have freedom in your life.
Linda Thunberg
Author: Linda Thunberg

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