LBLt Certification

This is an advanced training designed for Certified Hypnotherapists. The class features a completely revised training based on the teachings of Dr. Allen Chips and Dr. Michael Newton. The  Life Between Lives is the study of the cycle of life, based on ancient spiritual teachings including reincarnation with a transpersonal approach . An LBLt can help break through the blocks of the past and bring understanding to your client’s current life.This course is rated at 120+ hours.
Classes are offered In-Person, Virtual or a Hybrid (Both In-Person or Virtual Option Offered).


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November 12-16, 2024

VA Beach

In-Person, Virtual or a Hybrid

Taught by
Linda Thunberg

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Required Reading
(Available on Amazon)

Life Patterns: Soul Lessons & Forgiveness,

Henry Leo Bolduc

Life Between Lives:
Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression

by Michael Newton

Clinical Hypnotherapy:
A Transpersonal Approach,

by Allen Chip

  • Gain Techniques for conducting safe and effective past-life regression sessions for deep healing.
  • Become more proficient in regression for accessing the superconscious realm. Gain understanding of the areas in which LBLt clients may go spiritually.
  • Expand your hypnotherapy or past-life therapy practice by offering life between lives regressions.
  • Receive a 2-4 hour LBLt session as a Client
  • Conduct a 2 course -4 hour LBLt session as a hypnotherapist.

To register for this advanced hypnotherapy training, you must:

  • Be a certified hypnotherapist (provide a copy of certification when you pre-register).
  • Have some experience with past-life regressions
  • Have successfully experienced hypnotic regression in the client role.