Spring offers an opportunity to review the outcome of winter promises we made to ourselves

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We can acknowledge our accomplishments and evaluate what didn’t work as we had intended.

We can make new promises to ourselves that work for us. Spring is a time of renewal, regrowth and new growth. It’s time to enjoy the sunshine in our lives! Consider making these 5 self-promises starting now:

I Promise Myself that I will – Look for reasons to be grateful every day, in every situation. We all have situations that we can view as negative – flip those thoughts where you can! You have a job that you have to get up early for, or a long commute – Hey! You have a job! Lucky, you! Appreciate what your body can do, don’t focus on what it can’t do. Physical limitations and ailments can grab our attention, so it takes a bit of effort. However, shifting to paying attention and appreciating what works rather than what’s a challenge, will increase your personal happiness level.

I Promise Myself that I will – Learn or do something new every day. It’s easy to just go about our day, repeating the pattern of each day before, living in a rut. Introducing something new into your life, whether it’s a new word or experience, builds enthusiasm for every tomorrow!

I Promise Myself that I will – Take time to be in the moment with Nature at least once a day. We, humans, tend to separate ourselves from the world around us. Surrounded by our man-made structures and vehicles we cut ourselves off from the healing nature of our earth. Time spent just appreciating the natural world around us is a powerful treatment for our mind and body. Roll the windows down when you drive. Take a walk outside during lunch. Step outside before bed and take a few deep breaths. Gaze at the moon, watch the clouds. It’s the best free medicine you can find!

I Promise Myself that I will – Do my best and allow that to be worthy. One of the biggest contributors to failed resolutions is expecting ourselves to perform beyond our personal best. We each have our personal best at any given time. Don’t compare yourself to anyone but you. You can use the accomplishments of others for inspiration, of course, but don’t set yourself up for failure. Just always know that you have done your best, and that’s all you can do!

I Promise myself that I will – Make a resolution “To be Joyful.” After all, that sums it up, doesn’t it? Promise yourself to live your life in a way that brings you joy, and all other promises will fall into place naturally.

Linda Thunberg
Author: Linda Thunberg

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