Train the Trainers

Would you like to teach a state approved curriculum and certify entry-level hypnotherapy students with a nationally renowned transpersonal program that has a proven track record of success? 

Would you like to be recognized as an expert in your community and attract more prosperity while maintaining a higher purpose in the field? Would you like to have a national organization stand behind you to certify your students in a mind-body-spirit approach to learning and practicing hypnotherapy? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, then you may want to consider this training to become a Certified Trainer for the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH).

• Teach a state approved curriculum that could assist you in obtaining state approval from your state’s board of education, with licensed use of our course catalog, policies, and forms (Requirements to operate a hypnotherapy school vary from state to state, so each trainer is advised to look into these requirements, if they do exist).

• Receive an ongoing free listing on as an approved NATH Training Institute. Advertise your institute’s direct affiliation with NATH, including NATH’s approved literature, logos, etc.

• Automatically have NATH certify your students as a “Certified Hypnotherapist,” with the President’s signature listed on the diploma. Through the membership application process, the student will also become a Registered Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with the NATH (a total of two certifications for each of your students)

• Directly experience the marketing edge of becoming part of an elite group of trainers who are sought after, and in high demand, due to the popularity of the transpersonal approach

Take the certification course as a trainer in training: by assisting Linda Thunberg with an actual on-site training of your choice.


During a live training program in progress, you will be mentored during breaks on the lecture and training exercises and assist with the experientials to better understand the best ways to help students succeed with a combination of lecture/theory, hands-on, and experiential learning.

You will take an essay exam as you proceed through the course.

Interested parties contact the NATH at or and/or see the NATH training schedule at