Create an Account / Login on the Nath.World website

Creating Personal Credentials on the Nath Website is the first step in using the Nath Resources at a level above just a simple website visitor. 

Creating a User Account, and a Profile is required in order for you to be Approved to Use the site as a NATH member.

  Each Member has to have a user account,  But not every user is a Nath Member (with the associated benefits of access)

If you have an account already. Find and Click on the link “Login”:

You will see the following:
Note: on mobile phones, these screens will appear differently.

Type in the username or email you used when you previously clicked “Create Account” to subscribe to the website and type in the password you picked:  If you don’t remember your password, click the “forgot password” link.  

If the email and password are correct, you will be logged in to the website where you will either be a “Subscriber”  or, you’ll have the opportunity to Join and become a NATH Member.  -with all the privileges, and access to the private areas of the website (more later)

If you don’t have an account already, click on the “Create Account” Link and you will see the following screen:

Go ahead and fill out the form, providing all the information needed and pick a password and remember it please.  Also take note of any special Username or Email you decide to use.  If by chance the username you picked is selected, the system will let you know.  That could mean you already created an account before, or that someone else has the username you wanted.  In that case, consider just adding a number or etc. to the end of the username.

Once Registered, the site will take you back to the homepage:  You will KNOW that you are Logged in because you will see a Security Login bar along the top where you can see your name and username and  “Edit” your profile.  or Log Out .


NOTE:  We may very well remove the Security Bar from view in the future, but for now we believe it will help users both create their account and understand how to update their user account info.

We may also move the Login/Registration Links to the main menu at a later time as well.

Edit Your USER / ACCOUNT Information

Once you have an account and are logged in, click “Edit Profile” in the above security login bar and you will see the following screen:

where you can CHANGE and EDIT your “Account” information.   This is where you can add your Headshot to match up with your website credentials/user account.  You can also Change your password Update notifications, etc.  Your User account is what you will use to login to the site whether you are a NATH Member or not.  

Once you have filled out the info here, and/or added  your Bio and Profile Picture, its a good idea to “Log Off” and Log back in again so you can make sure you have remembered or saved your login to your browser or password keeper.

That’s It, You are now considered a Website User and when your Membership as a NATH Member/Hypnotherapist is approved, you will find the Members Only Section of the Website will become available. You may then submit your Directory Listing.

If you are an existing member, then, its simply a process for the office to match up your name and email to their membership records so they can approve. Please allow a few days to a week for the office to go through any new users and approve as they come in.