MHt Certification

Train to be a Master!

“This comprehensive course, content, resources and quality of the instructors provided a unique perspective to regression training. This course and its mixture of metaphysics, precise hypnosis techniques, spirituality, and personable presentations were invaluable to me and I’m grateful to move forward in my practice using this therapeutic training!” – EK

“NATH’s MHt course is a game changer!
Not only does it expand upon the concepts illustrated in the CHt course, it provides an opportunity to move deeper within stripping away illusions limiting growth and healing. The course is truly a catalyst for spiritual growth and personal development, supporting individual healing that allows practitioners to support the healing of others. That catalyst for change starts with Linda, who infuses her courses with unconditional love and patience as well as the wisdom of Dr. Allen Chips. I am fortunate to have had multiple opportunities to learn from her, not just during the MHt course but in all NATH course offerings.” – SH

“ The MHt course offered by NATH was life changing! Not only did it help grow my skills as a hypnotherapist, it also helped me grow my spirit. The class without a doubt, helped me become more understanding and a better person. Linda Thunberg is an excellent teacher who has the ability to challenge, support, and inspire students all at the same time.” – EM

Train with the CEO of NATH! This intense course is an opportunity for self healing and for learning NATH’s unique models for transformation. This course is designed for the hypnotherapist who is certified and familiar with regressive-trance state therapy. Master Level Hypnotherapy or MHt contends that the client already holds the answers within. On this level, regression hypnotherapy is used as a modality for emotional clearing and perceptual change.


Lecture, demos, experientials, and certification included with completed assignments. This course is rated at 170+ hours.

“Regression can change the programming that exists from the past instantaneously and permanently.”
-Linda Thunberg

Linda also teaches the CHt and MHt courses consecutively so that students have the opportunity to take both courses. She often has awesome guest teachers and people who assist her in teaching the class.

MHt Virtual Training!

FEB 21-25, 2024!
Taught by
Linda Thunberg

Register now, LIVE virtual course via zoom. 9-6 EST Daily. Register below, and download requirements and exams! Email if you have any questions.

Feb 21-25, 2024


Taught by
Linda Thunberg

Join us in Cleveland for the learning! and all the fun things to do:

June 5-9, 2024

Will be in Cleveland Ohio. In person or virtual. Venue to be announced closer to June. Sign up now to secure your place!

Venue TBD

Taught by
Linda Thunberg

During this Exceptional Week:

Required Course Material (Available on Amazon)

Regression Therapy: A Handbook for Professionals

Vol I & II
by Winafred Blake Lucas

Mind Probe-Hypnosis

by Irene Hickman, D.O.

Clinical Hypnotherapy: A Transpersonal Approach

by Dr. Allen Chips

Script Magic: Clinical and Transpersonal Scripts
That Work Like Magic

by Dr. Allen

  • Explore regression as a tool for discovering underlying cause(s) of issues and associated unconscious triggers.
  • Discover ways you can use hypnotic regression for emotional clearing & reframing negative feeling states.
  • Study advanced transformational models for habits, anxiety and addictions intervention; briefest trauma intervention as well as reframing and spiritual therapy techniques.
  • Gain experience using client-centered regression therapy and psychophysical, transformational and spiritual healing methods; and apply safely and ethically to other participants.
  • Experience the value of hypnotic regression for current and past life therapy.
    Study Entity Releasement Theory and Practice, Archetypes; alternate realities and guidance achieving homeostasis – the end result.