Chakra Healing through Childhood Regression

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Linda Thunberg, MHt, NATH President & CEO

  • Have you been feeling like your inner child is “running your life?”
  • Perhaps making impulsive decisions, or reactions to things being bigger than the trigger?
  • Or the need to have more, bigger, better, yet nothing satisfies you?
  • Or maybe causing you to just feel empty with no real reason- your life is ok, but you are not feeling like it is.

Our inner children are great when they help us create joy in our lives, but when they have been hurt or are shy, sensitive or angry, they can create havoc in our adult lives. Maybe you have even gone to counseling, which of course does help but you’re not seeing the results you want.

Do you know that Childhood regression with a hypnotherapist can help as well in addition to counseling? As children, we energetically react to situations and the people around us, especially if we are sensitive. We may not scream or yell or be able to visibly react when we are small, yet our chakras are reacting to the perceived negative situations. 

We create templates in our subconscious mind that says “when a person or situation does this- I react like this…” and as we grow, every time a situation comes close to being like that situation in the past, we react the same way, or do we scream, or yell, or be very quiet because we can, we are adults now.

It is the place in our mind working 24 hours a day, behind the scenes, where we formulate patterns, knowledge and beliefs. This is what operates us every day, whether we acknowledge it or not. It helps us by automatically reminding us how to do things, to drive or simply breathe for example. 

But it also formulates and stores patterns that may not serve us any longer, such as childhood beliefs about ourselves, or the physical, emotional and mental fragments of our journey that have “stuck with us”. All of these subconscious patterns can affect our energy systems in the body called chakras. When we go through traumas big or small in our lives, these energy systems can get out of balance, fragment or even shatter.

As adults, even if we rationally know that a situation is not going to hurt us, deep in our subconscious (which runs the show most of the time), that hurt child still triggers a response to IT. We find ourselves unhappy, “stuck” or just empty.

With a willingness and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, you can change these subconscious patterns. In regression, a safe and secure applied relaxed altered state, a hypnotherapist takes you back to the time where the pattern began, and facilitates your self-healing. 

This can include healing your chakras, doing forgiveness work, and creating wholeness in the energetic fields of the body. All of this can be obtained by simply healing in hypnosis then blending your inner child into yourself, helping you become whole and balanced. Then you as the adult can be free of limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. It creates fullness and unity in the chakra centers of our body’s field and brings a feeling of balance in our body, mind & spirit.

It’s not magic or hard, it is the easy subtle way of changing the templates of your mind, the only thing required is a willingness to change. A willingness to have freedom and wholeness in your life.

Linda Thunberg
Author: Linda Thunberg

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