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  • 2023 Conference Audio Recordings.


    1.     Suzy Day: Ending the Cycle of Inherited Family Trauma

    2.     Suzy Day: Workshop Making the most of your Hypnotherapy business     part 1

    3.     Suzy Day: Workshop part 2

    4.     Suzy Day: Workshop part 3

    5.    Roxanne Louise-Pendulum Dowsing for Hypnotherapists-Powerful  Investigative

    7.    Peter Blum: Sound Healing

    8.    Joe Turaino:Psychology of Addiction

    9.    Dan Goyette: Sucessful Aging

    10.  Dan Goyette: Recording for Hypnotherapists

    11.  Bev Shankman: More Than Just an Empty Nest

    12.  Amanda Dodd: The Power of Aligned Emotions

    13.  Amanda Dodd: Ancestral Healing – Inherited…

    14.  Alicia Clifford: The Higher Self: Helping Our Clients Find A Sense of Spirituality

    15.  Paul DiFranco: Instructing Self Hypnosis

    16.  Scott Hasler Universal Alignment Through Trauma & Chaos

    17.  Heiltje Le Roux : Hypnosis, Biology and The Tree of Life