The Pivotal Point

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The pivotal point is the point where you reach the height of discomfort: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or a combination of these – and decide to actually address the issues behind the hurt.


The physical discomfort is easily recognizable (as I sit here with my leg in an air boot) I can feel the discomfort in my physical body. We can usually feel the physical part of ourselves needing attention, but sometimes we are so emotionally detached from our physical or emotional body, we can’t even feel the pain until it gets “bad enough.”

We have all heard stories of people tolerating so much pain in their bodies where others can’t tolerate much pain at all. But where does the “pain” come from? Is this because they are tolerating so much pain in their emotions? Human relationships – spouses, children, co-workers, friends, acquaintances… can put our emotions out of whack, especially if we are sensitive or empathic.

Is the pivotal point when we can’t bear any more emotional pain, so we allow physical pain? And what about our mental subtle body? Ever feel like you can’t find the answer mentally to your emotional or physical pain? We “rack our brains” to find the answers to our earthly “problems” – especially our emotional issues. Relationships, work, life, you name it; and even our physical issues – what doctor, what holistic Dr, what healing modality, what supplements or prescriptions? Is the pivotal point when we can’t think anymore? And then our emotions become overwhelmed? Overwhelmed with pain or fear of the unknown? Ahhh…

So what comes first the chicken or the egg? Does the physical pain come first? I think not – along with many others like Louise Hay – there are emotional disturbances in the system, which create havoc on the body. But, if we dig deeper, there are lots of mental thoughts of right/wrong. Judgments of ourselves and others that actually create the emotional disturbances.

And where does the mental chatter come from? If we go beyond the mental body, we may just find that the spiritual body – the spiritual beliefs have been shattered or our faith and trust in our world, our life, and our spirituality has been questioned by our earthly self. Sometimes we can consciously recognize the spiritual part of us – our spiritual subtle body- when it breaks down or has holes in it – perhaps the signs are when you have lost faith and trust in the divine, in our greatness, our soul mind that does have the answers. The belief and trust in God as the spiritual core of our being.

When we decide to look deeper, to delve into our own spiritual beliefs, and find the core of ourselves – who we truly are and what we believe about ourselves, our capabilities, the world, and the universe that’s when we begin to have faith. Faith that we are loved and we are love, and so is everyone else.

If we truly believe that we are love, we are loved, the universe is FOR us and not against us, we have faith and trust that we are carrying out our soul’s plan and so is everyone else. When the spiritual body is whole and well, then we live in a judgment-free state in our mental bodies. Achieve balance in our emotions and our physical bodies would return to a state of health or be on the exact right path for us to look, learn and listen to our body for our soul’s path.

Linda Thunberg
Author: Linda Thunberg

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