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Life is about choices, and with the variety of food all around us, packed into every grocery store, restaurants, entertainment venues, retail stores and even gas stations, it is sometimes hard to make healthy choices of what we eat, and when.

Hypnosis has long been known to help with weight loss, but did you know that a session can target certain issues? Issues, like making the right choices consistency and permanently to create an automatic healthy eating lifestyle? Right choices can include but are not limited to buying healthy food, creating a meal plan, eating small portions, drinking more water or emphasizing any food plan you wish like weight watchers, or gluten free, vegetarian, etc. 

Most of us know what we need to eat to be healthy- hypnosis helps our subconscious mind do things automatically, without the brute force of our conscious mind.

One client of mine reported “Linda this really works! My husband and I went out to my favorite restaurant for my birthday, and I ate half of my favorite meal, and asked for a to go box… my husband thought something was wrong with the food, but there wasn’t! I can’t explain it but I was full and satisfied… on the way home I was pleased to remember that this is how hypnosis works… easily and naturally, you don’t even think about it! M.W. J”

The subconscious mind is the place in our mind working 24 hours a day, behind the scenes, where we formulate patterns, knowledge and beliefs. 

This is what operates us every day, whether we acknowledge it or not. It helps us by automatically reminding us how to do things, to drive or simply breathe for example. But it also formulates and stores patterns that may not serve us any longer, such as childhood beliefs about foods, diets, and lifestyles that may no longer serve us.

Transpersonal Hypnotists work with you to decide what you would like to change, how you would like to be, what choices you would like make consistently and permanently, and bring spirit, God or whatever you believe in, into the session if you wish, creating powerful soulful changes.

Linda Thunberg
Author: Linda Thunberg

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